Capping control devices 
Cap Torque Tester – CTA series

organa-elegxou-pomatismou   organa-elegxou-pomatismou   organa-elegxou-pomatismou

Special devices for torque measuring 
Proper closure check and level of convenience / difficulty of uncapping.
Final product protection from air or leakage contact.
Adjustable calipers for the use of different diameters of bottles, jars, etc. 
PC-enabled via RS-232 port & MITUTOYO program


Oxygen measuring device
 NOMASense-organa-elegxou-pomatismou   NOMASense-organa-elegxou-pomatismou   NOMASense-organa-elegxou-pomatismou

NOMASense device measures the level of Oxygen
in every phase of Winemaking (Tank, Barrel and Bottling)