They are used for capping wine bottles and are divided into two categories:


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Characterized by their height and diameter dimensions in mm.
The most common dimensions are 38×24, 45×24 & 49×24mm.
Qualities begin with the FLOWER excellence, followed by EXTRA, SUPER, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
Corks can be branded, necessarily processed and sterilized for usage.
Treatment consists of a series of processes such as washing with various methods to eliminate the TCA and then surface treatment with silicone materials, to reduce friction during capping and uncapping.
High quality natural stoppers are used for aging wines in bottles.


Acquamark® Natural Cork Stoppers

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These stoppers at first go through Convex treatment (high temperature washing in special ovens) so that they are completely disinfected. Subsequently, their surface is treated with an Acquamark® aqueous solution, resulting in a flawless appearance and complete protection against any drop in the contents of the bottle. The Acquamark® caps are eco-friendly and all materials used are environmentally friendly. TCA elimination is almost 100%. It is a completely ecological and natural product at a very attractive price.
Dimensions are 38×24, 45×24 & 49×24mm.
Qualities begin with the PREMIUM excellence, followed by VINTAGE, CLASSIC and STANDARD.



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Made of cork shavings.
Depending on the size of the shavings and how they are produced, we have the following categories:

Agglo: Agglomerated cork stoppers are made of agglomerated cork and are ideal for early-consumption wines..
Advantec®: Advantec® is an unrivalled solution in terms of price and sensorial and technical performance. This innovative coated technical cork features all preventive and corrective anti-TCA measures, including the internationally renowned ROSA® System.
Neutrocork®: Neutrocork is recommended for fast-rotation wines (3 – 5 years). Neutrocork® offers great structural stability, resulting from a uniform-sized micro cork granule composition pressed into individual moulds. With an attractive appearance and easy extraction, it stands as an extremely competitive natural closure in terms of both performance and price.
Twin Top®: Artificial cork stoppers consisting of cork shavings and two ends of natural cork washers. The washers have gone through INOS II treatment and the cork chops have been treated with ROSA to eliminate TCA. Twin Top® corks are recommended for consumption wines up to 3 - 3,5 years.

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Excellent performance and sustainability for high-speed bottling lines. Based on the technology used in champagne stoppers, comprising a body of agglomerated cork and a disc of natural cork at each end, it is ideal for fruity wines and recommended for wines not intended for long bottle aging.

Sparkling Corks

A technical cork stopper designed for the world's best sparkling wines, Spark achieves the highest levels of physical, chemical, and oenological performance. With an expanded cork agglomerate body and two natural cork discs at the end that comes into contact with the wine, this stopper offers an excellent mechanical behavior and is easy to bottle.