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Συσκευασία προϊόντων ελιάς

lad1iΠώματα με ρυθμιστή ροής,
Μηχανές πωματισμού,
Ειδικές φιάλες για λάδι.

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Coropoulis S.A was established in 1893.

Our company, produces and imports Packaging Material and Machinery / Equipment for the industries of wine, distillery, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Water, Oil, Food, Cosmetic, etc.

Coropoulis S.A is identified by the quality of its products and the continuous service and technical support of its customers.

Products and Services:

• Machinery / Equipment
• Aluminum screw caps
• Twist Caps
• Crown Caps
• Plastic Caps
• Cork Stoppers
• Synthetic Corks
• Over caps
• T-Shape stoppers 
• Glass closures
• Pharmaceutical caps
• Oak barrels / tanks
• Alternative oak products
• Bottles
• Jars
• Resin labels
• Tubes
• Aluminum cans
• Full technical support